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Progetto birmani, donazioni da Karuna Onlus 2015

Progetto birmani, donazioni da Karuna Onlus 2015:

1) Burma Study Center, Chiangmai (Thailandia): mandati 1144 euro

Donazioni del 2015 usati per coprire una parte dei costi mensili dell’attività che sono circa 1000 euro (affitto= 320 euro; salario del manager birmano = 260 euro; salario dell’insegnante birmano = 230 euro; elettricità, acqua, internet = 60 euro…) e la pubblicazione della newsletter due volte all’anno = circa 800 euro. In totale i costi dell’attività all’anno sono circa 12800 euro.
Karuna Onlus è il donatore più grande per Burma Study Center.

Attualmente al primo Schools of Hope ci sono 65 bambini/e e 12 ragazzi/e studiano a Chiangmai dove stanno cominciando il secondo Schools of Hope.  In totale dal 2009 The Schools of Hope ha ospitato 200 bambini. 

Garrett Kostin ha scritto:

- How much are the monthly costs (rent, office, payments to Burmese secretaries..)?
Our basic monthly operating costs are approximately 32,500 baht / $1,100 US. 
rent of the office = 12,000 baht
salary of Burmese manager = 10,000 baht
salary of Burmese head teacher = 8,500 baht
electricity, water, Internet utilities = 2,000 baht

So, 32,500 baht is the minimum that BSC requires each month to operate its normal programs. Other expenses include the printing of our newsletter (15,000 baht twice a year), purchase of new materials for the library, etc. These are only the costs for the Chiang Mai branch of BSC. The costs for the Shan State branch are only about 8,000 baht per month because rent and salary is much less expensive in Shan State, and the office space is much smaller. Also, we only have one paid staff in Shan State.

- Do you get donations also from some other association, or only from private

The majority of our funding comes from fundraising and donations of private persons. Karuna Onlus is still our largest association that has donated to BSC. We have applied for funding from other organizations, but it is very difficult to secure funding large organizations that are interested in Burma because they now prefer to focus on programs inside the country.

2) Peace Library, Thabaeye, provincia di Sagaing (Birmania): mandati 910 euro

300 euro usati per riparazione dei danni nell’ alluvione in quella zona in estate 2015.
Altri soldi usati per
- organizzare classi di computer e inglese vicino a Monywa
- comprare tavoli e sedie per il Peace Library
- per il nuovo Peace Library che hanno cominciato vicino Mandalay
E soldi saranno anche usati per il salario della nuova infermiera che opera in quella zona

Ashin Sopaka ha scritto 10.1.2015:
Dear Maha and all friends there!
Thanks a lot again for your donation and we started a new Eglish and
computer classes  in Monywa.
We spent some of money for these classes and we bought chairs and
tables for the students in our village and I will send next times some
photos of tables and chairs.
Grazie molto!
Ashin spk

Ashin Sopaka ha scritto 18.8.2015:
Dear Maha and all friends!
It was a big help because of your donation and we went house to house and donated things to reach directly to the flood victims. Please open photos. Thanks a lot on behalf of Burmese people!
All the best wishes!
Ashin SPK

Ashin Sopaka ha scritto 27.12.2015:
Dear Maha
My village is alright and more united more than before.
Thank you for donation in advance and the bank account is the same.
The girl is now a nurse and she got lincence to work as a nurse in our
village and she also passed another exam and she can work at the
hospital later.She is also learning English with me right now.
I will come to Germany in the middle of February in 2016.
All the best wishes
Ashin Sopaka ha scritto 1.1.2016:
Thank you so much for donation and that will be helpful for us.I have
started a new library near Mandalay and I will use money for that
library too.

3) The Schools of Hope, provincia di Chiangmai (Thailandia): mandati in totale 6434 euro

Le donazioni sono state usate:
- per costi del cibo ecc
- per il sistema di ventilazione dei dormitori (quello vecchio dei maschi e il nuovo che ospita 20 nuove bambine/ragazze) e per i serbatoi dell’acqua
E l’ultima donazione sarà usata per il nuovo, secondo Schools of Hope
che stanno iniziando nella città di Chiangmai

Noom Hkurh ha scritto dicembre 2015:
Dear Phramahapanna,
Wish you a very happy new year!
Here is the vdo to thank Dr Floriana and you.
Thank you very much for your great heart and donations. Please continue to help us give a better life for children.
Next year, a very soon, we will be starting the new school building in Chiang Mai. We hope you can help to raise funds for us continuously. Thanks so much. 
2015-12-03 13:03 GMT+07:00 Noom <>:
Dear Ashin Mahapanna,
Thanks so much! We have received the donations of 3390 euros.
We all from Schools of Hope are very appreciated your generosity and help.
Wish you and Dr Floriana all the best! 

Matthieu Frison ha scritto gennaio 2015:
Very good news for the donation, we have to install a ventilation system in the dormitories and to add gutters to the temple to collect more rain water. This money will be very useful !

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